Friday, January 24, 2014

Summer Breeze Arts Tour-Gabriola Island July 26-27, 11-4.

Artists, Performers, writers, dancers, musicians.  Contact us to sign up !!! This year's tour is going to be very, very, special.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New to selling from the studio

Sunday June 16 2013

Hello fellow "Summer Breezers" . I am excited to be part of this group and to be showing my work for the first time here. I moved to Gabriola a little over a year ago and selling work directly from my studio is a new learning curve for me. Until now, I have always shown work in galleries and exhibition spaces.

I have been busy fixing up part of my basement studio as a "gallery" and getting my work up and ready and dealing with a few frustrating ups and downs of the "do-it-yourself" artist life! I will post a photo when its all done. I would appreciate any tips and advice from you as I get ready to open up.

My 'descriptor' -says "history"-- some of it is, but I have been making a new series of small collages and handmade cards relating to local terrain! I am just uploading some of these on my website.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Participants of Summer Breeze Studio Cruise,

Christine, Bryan and I are pretty excited with the line-up of talent that has signed on already. I think it is 25 so far, and we have a wide variety of mediums represented, which is excellent.  It looks like it will be a high-caliber event!

We are also on the hunt for new venues and participants from other mediums such as performance poets, writers, musicians...and on. Newcomers over the last few days are The Herbbe Shoppe, Pier Gallery, Artworks and hopefully Barefoot Wooden Boats and Pages Bookstore. I am meeting with Kathleen from Poetry Gabriola later in the week to see how we can bring them into the mix.

I was wanting to bring up the topic of guest artists. So far just myself and Liz McKnight are the only two with guest artists. Summer Breeze Studio tour is about visiting the homes/studio of a Gabriola resident artist,  but if you have a friend or family member from elsewhere that would like to participate as a guest, we don't have a problem with that. The Thanksgiving tour does such a great job of providing a fully local event, but with Summer Breeze we are open to a few surprises 'drifting over' from elsewhere, as long as it is work of a high quality made by an artist that you know. I am assuming that this added element will only enrich the tour, and not overwhelm and take away from the main focus which is to bring wealth  to Gabriolans!  A proper balance.

After the June 15th deadline for applicants, Christine and I are going to pick a day to meet with you, likely at Artworks, hand out numbers, and answer any queries you might have.

…and I think that is all for now!

Oh, and Tony Grove is hosting a barbecue dinner on the Saturday night for participants and guests. Details soon.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Deadline for applications/payments June 15th

June 15 is the deadline, get your name in before then! Fee is $45, Guest artists are $25 a head. Payments can be made at the Arts Council desk in the back of Artworks. There is a large manilla envelope there with "Summer Breeze" on it. Once I have collected and deposited your payment, you will receive a receipt via email. The funds we collect are all going to printing costs, ads, and paying our graphic designer, fancy pants McCrae.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Please check out our page on Facebook

We have a page on Facebook that will have updates on the tour:  'like' it and share it with your friends! Lets get the word out.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A self-guided studio tour on Gabriola Island July 20-21, 10-4

A list of the participating artists and artisans:


Modern Bohemian Designs - pillows and other accessories for the home made from carefully selected vintage fabrics.

 Kate Wood Art and Jewellery-Sterling silver jewellery and hand built ceramics-

 Pier Gallery Artist Collective- an artist-run cooperative at Silva Bay, featuring the work of local artists in various mediums.

Page's Bookstore: Real, live books! All written by a slew of talented, award-winning local authors. Check out the beautiful views at the marina and wander the grounds.

The Herbe Shoppe-medicinals and beauty products, crafted mainly from local herbs. Heather Macleod.

Barefoot Wooden Boats-boats and furniture @ the Silva Bay Shipyard.

Karen Curry- painting, and other media- -

Antoinette Herivel-paintings reflecting local landscapes-

Paul Grignon-
Technically amazing landscape painting in acrylic-

Sheila Norgate-
sophisticated, and sometimes playful commentaries on the inner world- acrylic painting featuring animals and nature motifs, at the artist's Keep Calm Gallery

Mindy Joseph- oil painting and encaustic-

Karen Cain-painting and mixed media-

Lindsay Stocking Godfrey-Sterling silver jewellery-

Victor Anthony-Essential black and white photography-

Alice Rich-Stunning, large-scale landscapes-

Terry Nimmon- Local landscapes in watercolour-

Keith Poulton- oil and watercolour paintings featuring birdlife-

Tied Up and Dyed- textiles/clothing/tye-dye/fun. Clothing for all ages. Don't go home without a pair of tye dye undies!!-,

Laura Handford of Moonshine Silver- her classic sterling silver jewellery is an island tradition-

Indian Summer Leather Design-gorgeous leather bags and accessories:

Paula Maddison - Madd Art-metal art and jewellery, and now cheesemaking courses!-

Indigo Moon Yarn -luxurious weaving/apparel/yarns:

Deborah Dallyn-multi-media artist from London UK.... who knows what she will be offering up, but it will likely be thoughtful and provocative!-

Illuminati Glass- immaculate and stylish fused glass art for the home and garden, and gorgeous chandeliers! -

Articuleyes-Liz McKnight
with guest artist Sue Dun,  bookmaker.
D'Dance Glass-       fun and full of colour, hand-blown functional glassware. Margaritas taste that much better in one of their glasses! Visit this new studio and gallery and watch watch live demos!

Rohanna Laing- Acrylic Painting

Gabriola Artworks- Gallery and store featuring the work of local artists and artisans. Great coffee upstairs.

Red Roaster Coffee- Veronica Holroyd- Summer Breeze's official coffee roaster extraordinaire.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Modern Bohemian Design - the joy of colour.

I am a designer and artisan who passionately believes that our homes should reflect ourselves and the journey of our lives. Whether we have lived in the same house our whole adult life raising a family or traveling the world for our work, making a home wherever we find ourselves, are these both not a journey?
I create environments and beautiful items to enhance them, using up cycled and vintage textiles, furniture and one of a kind pieces.  My dearest love is creating beautiful, bespoke pillows.  I have made pillows from vintage wool blankets, curtains, clothing, scarves and sometimes sweaters.  I invite you to come and visit me at my home/studio and be inspired by what you can do when you you shop at the beach, the thrift stores and junk shops and sometimes the side of the road.